Monday, January 20, 2014


verily, we are at loss when it comes to this. Hitting us a like a thunder down our chest. our past conversations were a crime scenes, and you knew they were, when you keep asking yourself these days. what. went. wrong. you knew.

this is so much more than recalling back memories from the thousands of the in between moment where you breathe, the interval no one knows what it's called. and in this moment, you are stuck in the sighing regret of past and the what could have been. It sickens you -your stomach churns like storm surge. But I still think of you fondly.

someday, I'm gonna go and do the things I scribbled down on my brown little note book. this is the day where I feel like I want to go, some other day I might have to go.
I've always told you I like sea, did I? Somewhere far and isolated, the unadvertised foreign beach, I saw two people who walked from the opposite directions, they came to this one spot just right in front me, but they were no bigger that my nails from the place I was at that moment, and they were standing next to each other. not talking just seemingly looking far out on the horizon. It's from their eyes, fiercely,  I saw them dancing in the changing colors of the one sunset in one same sea.

-it's a lot easier, she realized, to be on the verge of something than to actually be it. This would still take time- and who am I to compete with Markus Zusak. He said it better than I.

I like where I am right now. I like to know that my journey is far from ending.
(fingers crossed)

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