Friday, January 17, 2014

I was trying to come up with a proper title for this post but I couldn't think of any because I'm going to talk bout happy things, sad thing, random things,not so important things, just things.
I have this ritual, nah that's too spiritual, routine of calling my friends every weekend. no kidding, every weekend. I said it not because of the reason that I want to announce to the whole world that I am the most caring and loving person in the world, I am hardly caring nor loving. I am not even a cat person. I did save cats, took them home, find them adorable, hate those who hurt them, adore those who adore them, but if I were to choose between being around cats all the time or not, I choose not to. do notice that I stated all the time, so when you saw me patting cats on their back or talking to cats like I'm talking to my friends, don't start and go, you cakap tak suka kucing. sometimes, I like being around them.I don't know why I went this far to explain about it. there are animals you don't like to be around with all the time too. snakes? frogs? dogs? ducks? so why judge?

getting back to my point.

What is it with you trying so hard to stay in touch with your friends? is probably what you want to ask me right now.

I am not really good with changes. Friends turned strangers is a change in which I hate the most. In which I've got experience with. the people you used to share everything with, changed. you've changed.  don't you hate that?  it's like having a sudden Alzheimer's. calling is a way of keeping the friendship alive. I'm not doubting the power of friendships founded on love but why should we take the risk?

life is not as exciting without a risk, but what is life without friends to share your ups and downs with. taking risk, with love, with career, with money, with future, go ahead, just not with friendship. this is not one of them.

told you, just things. eheee.


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