Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Someone told me once, that ask for prayers even from the worst person you can think of. Even if you believe in the different path of life. Because our essential nature is that we are judgmental. We tend to see  only the exterior of a person when in fact, there are so many stories that have never been told, never been heard, stories that will change our perception of a person. I believe that everyone is basically good, and the truth is aren't we all hunger for doing only the good things? Intention alone, is as aspiring as the act itself. And to each good deed, God promises us with reward, we just don't know when will it be. so, ask for prayers from anyone and let us look back at ourselves, do we really possess the right to judge? I'm no angle, I too, just as much as you, just as much as the worst person that appears in your mind, have my own past.

then, let me ask for your prayer, cos as for now, I need prayers. I need as many as positive vibes in the air, with that in mind, hopefully, I am able to finish what I've started. Someday, I will tell you what it is. Not today, and I'm terribly sorry for that but mark my words, someday I will. But for now, pray that whatever  I have in mind, whatever it is, it won't be that hard for me to get it.

I hope and I hope really hard, that you too, no matter what is the thing you need people to pray for, whatever the outcome, it will the one you've been hoping for.

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