Sunday, January 26, 2014


the past few weeks were spent on being Ateaq's instructor and people are wondering what qualify me to become an instructor. a question which I'd laugh at first before giving my answer. It's effing hilarious cos I am nowhere close to being a Kevin Zahri.
I do however, am the first one to come up in my classmates' mind when it comes to have the mean-est? mouth among the girls in the class. to be fair, I don't know how on earth the universe planned this, my class seems to be made up by some of the nicest people on earth. you got the very gentle with kakak charm;AD, the mother-like Aisyah, the very innocent Nadia, the good and I mean good girls;Atie and Ira, the down-to-earth;Mira (sometimes she made jokes about things, oh this not my standard please, but we got what they were, jokes), the friendly friendliest; Ateaq, the caring; Niera, the come-on-and-eat-with-me; Ninie, the are-you-hungry-I-got-some-foods-for-you-to-eat; Zelly, the yes-whatever-makes-you-happy;Christine and don't get me started on my rants about our boys. I mean wait, are they even good. aiseh. good bah. good.

I got the meanest mouth yes I do but you should know, last tutorial session, we did this secret letter kind of activity where we pick a name and write whatever words that describe that person.

mine: I got 3- caring, helpful, and beautiful (I mean obviously. lol)

the word that I want to highlight here is helpful. all the things that I uttered, no matter how mean they were, I was trying to be helpful. Granted, someone needs to push Ateaq what's with her 2 months away wedding . In a pack of heavenly good classmates, they need someone who is mean, vile, loathsome to balanced them out. that someone is me. or sometimes, it's them. haha.

I'm not that spiteful bah. come on people come on.

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